Supported SQL syntax

At SQLdep we guarantee to process any valid SQL code you have

Regarding supported syntax we have answer you will love. As a purely cloud based sql parser we have incredible flexibility which allows us to guarantee you support for any valid SQL statements with impact on data-lineage, or data flows. These are typically DML statements like INSERT, UPDATE, MERGE, etc.

Regarding procedural code we provide extraction of SQL from stored procedures. This is a perfect fit for the business intelligence/data warehousing area as you perform a bulk operation within your ETL process.

Our service provides support for all major database platforms like:
Oracle, Teradata, Microsoft SQL server, including Azure SQL database, Redshift, PostreSQL.

Support of SQL queries and Stored procedures

SQLdep supports Oracle database.SQLdep supports Teradata database.

SQLdep supports Microsoft SQL Azure database.SQLdep supports Microsoft SQL database.

SQLdep supports Redshift database.SQLdep supports PostgreSQL database.

Why we choose these databases

The most popular choice for business intelligence ecosystems are relational databases. Major database vendors like Oracle and Microsoft are the top choice among companies to store the data in, and build reporting upon. Also significant is the Postgres database including its forks like Redshift (used by Amazon AWS). Another popular pick among big enterprise clients is Teradata.

The common denominator is the SQL language that allows speedy development of data transformations. And after you have the data ready it’s equally easy to pull the data from the database for end users like data scientists, who are performing an ad hoc analysis and are typically a responsible reporting layer.

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