SQLdep is a data lineage SaaS

For data warehousing teams and data specialists
In companies with large amounts of data
Who need to understand data flow at any given time

SQLdep provides BI architects, managers, and developers with unparalleled visibility and control over data lineage – from data source to reports. It speeds deployment through impact analysis, minimizes downtime through root-cause analysis, and enables collaboration with non-technical BI consumers. A clear, interactive data flow map is accessible to authorized users via a web browser. SQLdep is already used by DWH teams known to maintain million lines of SQL code.

Accelerated development cycle

“I need to accelerate the development/delivery cycle, understand our data and see an immediate impact when I change SQL code. I want to reduce bugs in the development cycle and decrease risk during launch.”

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Instant answers for BI users

“I want to know how the data are computed and what they are based upon so I can manage business priorities with data, create accurate and detailed custom reports and provide the answers to end users.”

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Save time

“I want to keep a clean and reliable data warehouse and I don’t like if it consumes valuable resources. I want to save tens of minutes per data warehouse developer daily.”

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Gain control over data governance

“I am in one of the companies where documentation is a crucial part due to audit and external regulatory requirements. I need to have reliable documentation that keeps my data governance under control.”

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Improve team collaboration

“I want to ensure smooth cooperation between BI Developers, Architects, Designers, and ensure company staff have reliable access to clean and accurate data. I need to improve a substitution within the team.”

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Lineage discovery and migration

“I need to migrate to a big data BI solution. I want to consolidate multiple databases into a single database, with the goal of identifying redundant columns of data for consolidation or elimination.“

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